8 Types Of Workout Clothes For Women

Picking the right gym wear is primary if you wish to meet your fitness goals, period! 

Your gym wear should be comfy, appealing, and durable. It should make you look fresh and feel light after breaking a sweat. So, yeah: you can’t just wear anything to your workout. You don’t want the exercise to get more challenging with a poorly fitted and unbreathable fabric. If you think any loose-fitted and soft material would do the job, you are in for a surprise.

To save you hours of work in picking the best gym wear, we have compiled a list of 8 workout clothes for women that are trendy and comfy.

4 types of workout tops to stack in your cupboard

Besides the comfort and fabric, physique and the nature of workout governs the selection of a top. Below are the 4 popular options to make workouts relaxing and fun.

  • Sweatshirts
Sweatshirts are usually made from soft, breathable fabrics like cotton or polyester, making them comfortable to wear during a workout. They are the best gym outfit for people residing in regions with cool to mild weather conditions. They can, however, provide extra warmth for outdoor workouts even if the weather in your area is warm to hot.
You can easily layer them over other workout clothes, like tank tops or sports bras, for warmth or coverage. They come in a variety of styles and colors, allowing women to wear their favorite while still being functional for a workout.
Some sweatshirts also have pockets or hoods, providing additional functionality for carrying keys, and phones, or keeping hair out of the face during exercise.
  • Tank tops
Tank tops have wide armholes and sleeveless designs, which ease the movement of the arms and shoulders during a workout. This activewear is suitable for exercises like weightlifting or similar strengthening exercises where a full range of motion is essential.
Tank tops have a loose design and are less restrictive than other types of workout tops, which makes them more comfortable to wear during a sweaty workout.
Many women find tank tops more stylish and flattering than other workout tops because they can wear these alone or layer them with other workout apparel like sports bras and jackets.
  • Racerbacks
Racerbacks are the most popular tank tops among the bodybuilder squad as they provide better ease of movement compared to their counterparts.
These tops typically have a Y-shaped back so you don't have to worry about straps slipping or sliding off your shoulders during exercise. This also provides greater comfort and ease of movement during an intense workout session.
The design of racerbacks provides more support for your bust, which is especially important during high-impact activities like running or jumping.
  • Sports bra
Your breasts tend to move in all directions during a workout which can cause discomfort, pain, and sometimes damage to the breast tissue. To prevent all these risk factors, women wear sports bras that are designed to relieve any discomfort caused by the constant movement of the body.
Sports bras are made of stretchy and supportive fabrics that hold the breasts in place and help in maintaining the shape of the breasts. It also improves athletic performance by allowing for greater freedom of movement and reducing annoyances caused by the movement of breasts.
Many sports bras are designed with moisture-wicking and breathable materials to keep the wearer cool and dry during intense workouts. They are also made with flat seams to prevent rubbing and irritation.

3 workout pants to have in your activewear collection

Comfort and durability must be the key factors in selecting your workout pants. Below are 3 of our suggestions that will go best with the above list of tops.

  • Trousers

Traditional trousers are baggy and move with your body, allowing you to perform exercises without feeling restricted. They provide more coverage than shorts, which some women may prefer for personal or cultural reasons.

There are no exercise-type restrictions when it comes to trousers, as you can wear them for weightlifting, yoga, pilates, and cardio. You can also wear them outside the gym for running errands or other activities.

When picking your gym pants you can choose from a range of styles and designs, from loose and flowy to fitted and tapered. Go for a style that suits your tastes and body type.

  • Yoga pants
Not many women choose yoga pants for their wardrobe collection still, it is the second most popular activewear worn by women. They are also the first choice of athletic women who are on the lookout for fitting pants.
They extend from your waist down to your ankles. This provides support for the core muscles during exercise. And help in preventing injury while improving posture.
You can select your favorite one from a range of available yoga pants. To suit women’s fashion tastes, they are designed with fashionable details such as mesh panels, prints, or bold colors. It is your right partner if you wish to look stylish and feel good while working out.
  • Capri pants
Capri pants are a popular choice for gym wear among women due to their versatility and comfort. These pants typically extend to mid-calf or just below the knee, providing adequate coverage while still allowing for movement.
They are woven from lightweight, stretchy materials such as spandex or polyester blends that allow for a full range of motion. Also, they are suitable for women of all body types.
You can pick one from a variety of colors and styles, ranging from basic black to bold prints and patterns. They allow you to express your style while feeling comfortable and confident every workout.


If you want a two-piece solution for gym wear, then consider buying tracksuits. They consist of a jacket and matching pants. The jacket has a zipper down the front and may feature a hood, while the pants have an elastic waistband and cuffs at the ankles.

Tracksuits were first popularized in the 1970s as casual wear, particularly in the hip-hop and breakdancing scenes. They are a staple in many athletes' wardrobes and a popular choice for everyday wear.

If you ask us, we will suggest stocking your wardrobe with a pair of all the above-stated clothing. Since you don’t ever want to feel like you are lacking the right outfit to wear. However, if you are the type who doesn’t like matching two different pieces of clothing. You should go for a variety of tracksuits available on the market.

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